Report street cleansing issues



We will investigate and respond to reports of litter on land that we are responsible for, such as roads & pavements and public spaces.

We do not remove litter from rivers (rivers are maintained by the Environment Agency).

Overflowing Bins

We will respond to reports of overflowing litter or dog bins that we responsible for emptying.

Fallen leaves

Accumulations of leaves can be a nuisance for pedestrians and drivers. During the autumn and early winter, the council operates a specialist leaf clearance programme.

This does not include leaves from private property or residents gardens, even when the leaves have fallen from a tree positioned on public land.

It is unlawful to blow or sweep leaves from private land onto the highway; it can block drains and is hazardous for road users and pedestrians.  We also do not have the resources to sweep leaves that are the responsibility of householders to remove.

Where we clean leaves:

•    public footways

•    public highways

•    public right of way

•    public open areas for which the Council is responsible (includes parks and playgrounds) 

•    council car parks

It is not possible to sweep every road immediately. Priority is given to:

•    busy footways

•    areas prone to flooding

•    roads with hills

•    road junctions.


To report a street cleansing issue you will need:

  • your name and contact details

  • information about where the problem is located

  • any further information that you think is relevant

Report street cleansing issue